Antaris Seventy7 Sport

Muscular class of Dutch origin

Room for

20 people


8,05 m x 3,25 m

Unique detail

Central steering

Antaris Seventy7 Sport

from € 74.500,-

Muscular class of Dutch origin

The Antaris Seventy7 Sport is a sporty sloop which is extremely suitable for both slow and fast sailing. With this sporty version of the Seventy7, you can also wakeboard and/or water ski. Through the passage in the stern, you have easy access to the integrated swimming platform.

Antaris Seventy7 Sport

Slow and fast sailing

Depending on the motorisation, you can sail both slow and rapidly with the Antaris Seventy7 Sport. High speeds are also achievable. Thanks to the centre steering with raised seat, you have a good overview of your surroundings. With the front and rear seats, you have a lot of seating space and optionally there is accommodation to sleep 4.

Antaris Seventy7 Sport

Suitable for water sports

The motorisation of the Antaris Seventy7 Sport is available up to 195 hp, giving you the option of wakeboarding and/or water skiing. The powerful Yanmar 195 hp diesel engine gets you up to speed quickly. The passage in the transom makes it easy to climb back into the boat from the integrated swimming platform after adventures in the water.



The clean lines and sporty design are typical for the Antaris line. The sturdy shape of the bow and the rubber bumper along the side are characteristic features. An Antaris Seventy7 Sport is different from all other sloops and you notice that immediately.

Specifications Antaris Seventy7 Sport

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Sloop length

8,05 m

Sloop width

3,25 m

Sloop draught

0,75 m

Sloop clearance height

approx. 1,50 m


approx. 2.750 kg


C (coastal waters)



Standard motorisation

Vetus 27 hp 3 cilinder diesel


Mirror sloop

Polyester hull en deck

Strengthened polyester engine bed


LED navigation lights (red/green in bow) and sternlight

Integrated bathing platform

Stern access door leading to integrated bathing platform

Rubber protection strip on side of hull (light grey or black colour)

Stainless steel air intakes on stern

Choice of waterline colours

Antifouling (2-layers) with polyester primer

Standard hull colours RAL 9010 (pure white) and RAL 1013 (off white)


Canopy with folding front frame and sloping rear section

Synthetic teak trim around the deck

Stainless steel fairleads (4)

Stainless steel bollards (3)

Stainless steel cleats (6)

Stainless steel flagpole socket

Anchor locker in foredeck with drain

Anchor locker in foredeck with drain

White navigation light with 360  radius, removeable (LED)

Standard deck colours RAL 9010 (pure white) and RAL 1013(off white)


Central steering

Steering console with rubber steering wheel and stainless steel spokes (55 cm)

Stainless steel engine control

Comprehensive dashboard including rev counter, fuel indicator, volt meter, engine hour, oil gauge and temperature gauge

Stainless steel cup holders (2)

Gas pressure spring in enginebox

Driverseat behind of the steering console (2 person)

Spacious round seat in foreship, optionally convertable into a 2-person bed

Spacious round seat in stern, optionally convertable into a 2-person bed

Refrigerator (compressor) in stainless steel frame (75 Litre)

Cushion set in a choice of colours, including matching buttons and piping

Lockable toilet room under the foredeck, including chemical toilet and LED lighting

LED lighting in toiletroom

Synthetic teak on access steps with large storage compartments

Synthetic teak trim around the cockpit

Large storage compartments

Large storage compartment in the floor ( fornt and stern)

Stainless steel drain built into flooring

Sloop Technology

27 hp 3 cylinder Vetus diesel engine

Mechanical (cable) steering

Plastic waterlock

120 litre fuel tank

Water-lubricated propshaft

3 blade propeller and zinc anode

Low maintenance battery

Low maintenance service battery

Diode, automatic switch

Sloop safety

Main switch in storage compartment (2)

Manuel bilge pump

ABC fire extinguisher

Electric cockpit pump with float switch

Fuel valve lock and water separator/fuel filter/ Cooling water strainer

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Take a look at the Antaris Seventy7 Cabin

The Seventy7 Cabin has the same length and hull, but with a cabin build-on.

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